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woensdag 27 maart 2013

Why scientists are often confused themselves.

Yes, there are many great scientists doing beautiful stuff, but their world has been corrupted by many wrongs. So they, understandably, want to protect their field, but in doing so get their logics confused. 

Many scientists claim what is not factual or proven is not there. Thus reality is mostly matter, except stuff they can point at such as radio waves, atoms and peoples opinions. In reality this means, what is not proven as fact is not real. But many things may be real, but not are yet seen (by scientists) or let alone proven (by scientists). So the observations of many people are discounted because they are not proven, which is very different from these people being wrong. And, as history learns us, scientists may also be wrong. Or the growing piles of researches that have opposite outcomes. We see this in the diet industry, eat less fat, eat the right fat avoid the wrong and now the new is eat a lot of the right fat diet. Each month a new 'scientific' discovery leads to a new diet. Any scientist shouting that these scientists are not real because they are bought by large corporations, should know that almost all scientists are either bought by corporations, by their university and its status and or are pressured by their government to think less and write more and more papers just to prove they are making a difference. We should trust scientists less as saints and see them more as ourselves: just a bunch of people working on a small part of the whole and hoping to improve it a bit. Except the corporate ones, willingly doing unethical stuff. Those are evil.

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