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woensdag 27 maart 2013

The Secret Inflation

There's a hidden inflation going on, that will keep on damaging, and even has the danger to totally destroy, our economies. Either we stop that game or all get into debts beyond believe. At the same time, the rationality and interests behind the system, will hinder all attempts at change, while being blind to the actual damage they are creating.

How You Pay for Invented Money
At the top of the economy a dark game is going on. In this game, money is being created by banks, governments and some very rich influencers; money which has no basis whatsoever in any actual counter goods or services. For governments this money is needed to pay off debts. For banks this money is needed to make more money. To play this game the last decades even the pretense that your banknotes represent some gold in the bank is left behind.

Economic Vampirism
Our economy currently totally rests upon the level of trust, or if need be force, we all together put in the exchange between goods and money. During the start of the crisis we all discovered mortgages, insurance's and other paper products had been sold on to other parties and even these transactions had been turned into products and trader games. These games were more and more based on thin air. When the bubble burst, the whole economy suffered for it. These games may seem to have been exposed, albeit the worst excesses may have been stopped, the rationale behind is is still very present. And these games are sucking on our economies like Vampires, whether by greedy designs or just stupid culture.

We pay for the damage of others
How does the Vampirism work? All the money created by banks, government and other influential players becomes real when inserted in the economy. All the transactions that lead to loss, interest and debts need to be paid for by real money, read real work, time, effort, goods. Like we all are still paying for the losses our economies suffered when the bubble burst in 2008.
Yes, we all pay for the damage all the profitable lending out of invented money does. And we need pay to back for that invented money with real effort. And each time such a scheme works, the banks feel they can create more new money to be turned into more profit into a further future. But even all our combined efforts to pay back these loans, let alone the interests, can never ever keep up with the speed of imaginative money creation by the bankers. At the same time we need to pay more and more taxes to pay for government debts created by these same games.
Huge streams of capital needed to fill gaps created by these games, lay a very heavy weight on all the individuals in the countries and cultures caught in the crisis. Because the power to invent money stops when the inventors themselves get scared and lose trust. That is the point they stop the invention of new money and have us start to pay up or enforce huge government cuts.

Theft by 'economic reason'
Now the story turns darker. The inventors of this money think that for their 'responsible' actions and the future of their organisations profits must go up and debts be paid. They think they are the core of the economy. They aren't. They even demand decadent big salaries for all their irresponsible games. A special group of these people are the super rich, who have become a problem by themselves. Just to understand the behaviour of these money 'leaders' recent studies in social science claim most of these people are psychopaths. Since, to most people, these men seem the pinnacle of success, recently even a book was written how to become more psychopathic yourself, this means more trouble. Owning heaps of money doesn't mean you are right, logical or even a good guy doing his best for everyone's welfare.

Essential work should be rewarded
The core is, and always will be, the people at the bottom; the farmers who grow our food, the miners digging up our metals, the workers manufacturing our goods. The very very sick thing is, that their work is valued less and less. Up to the point that many farmers have trouble doing the one thing that we all need: growing real food. Many simple workers need up to three jobs, just to sustain their families. And these people know that beyond, the breaking of the trust, lies the force to pressure the money out of their pockets if they stop paying back. Real efforts they need to perform to keep the empty game of money invention going. But all our work won't be able to compete with the debts and interests we need to pay for invented money, or even the salaries for the people doing this. In the US the logic has led to huge amounts of homeless people, including whole families and at the same time masses of empty houses are rotting away, since the logic of debt and ownership holds sway over decency, society and people.
This growing mass of poor, not being able to pay up, and growing amount of decaying houses and infrastructure are actually making the mess bigger. The costs to provide the most urgent human needs are once again happily invented by banks, over which we all together have to pay new and more interests. The loss is once again for all of us. The growing suffering to pay for gaps created by the invention of huge amounts of money is the real big crisis of our century. It is the source of a hidden inflation or better a growing leak in the bottom of our society. What can we do?

How can people be economic 'dead weight'?
In ancient China, the primary task of governments was that in times of need, people for sure would have to eat. With these in mind they build storehouses for times of need. We have not provided for times of need, we have build on top of imaginary future prognosis. Thus we have entered an age where the poor, the ones that pay their entry money to be participant in the big empty game are seen as trouble and dead weight. A good government would be most interested how to keep them out of poverty and help them to be positive participants. We also should stop thinking that those who are poor are to blame themselves. The system sucks, so the system is at the least responsible too for anyone working crazy overtimes can provide for their family or any pensioner who saw his pension go up in smoke through bad investments.
We must start to reward all real effort with real returns, food, housing, education, etc. We must stop the heaping up of money by the rich against scandalous interests. We must stop believing that invented money should have power over real people. What would happen if we would strike away all debts and all assets? What would happen if we only rewarded people for real time and effort and not for status, suggested importance? What if nobody could invent money? What if we stopped with interest? Even the Bible warns against interest. Lately a growing number of people revisited the logic behind this rule and started to see good reasoning behind it.

Change the Game
We should change the game. In the end the force used to punish real people in the real world for other peoples fantasies in an imaginary money game might must be turned around. For when the story they tell is not believed any more or has become too damaging, the tables may be turned and the use of force may point at the game creators.
In the French revolution the populace struggled with mass poverty, while the ruling class played shiny games over their backs. A scientist calculated how big the gap between poor an rich maximal can be, before strife begins. In the US the government originally declared that max wealth difference as a kind of golden rule. It was the American president Reagan that left that golden rule. Since than we live in borrowed time, before the money crisis turns into real world violence, because the gaps have become impossible to bridge in any other way.

There is enough
There is enough to do to make a difference. There is enough that can be done to improve our society. There is enough to eat. There are enough goods for everyone. There is enough housing or enough people and materials to make it so. These facts should be the bottom line; not debts established through failed games with invented money. Money rules should not be allowed to stop the transference of goods to places where they are really needed. It's not about the money. It should be and has always been about real wealth. Wealth being the means to provide whenever needs arise and feeling safe within that situation. We, the general public, may not be able to create such complex money games, but by God, we provide the real world efforts that bind our society together. And I wonder what the interest the banks own us for playing along and keeping their world together?

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