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zondag 30 oktober 2011

Two Very Clear Ways to Understand Occupy

Two helpful pictures to understand the Occupy Protest. The First is a change of Paradigm. The Old doesn't get the New in any way. The Old is the Corporate world as it is today. The New is the Networked Society.
Look at the picture and consider on which side you live, on which side you('d) want to be and if you believe it's possible? It tells you your current place in the world.

What world do you live in?

A Model to Understand the Protest and Its Aim Better
The Second picture shows a simple model to understand the difficulties of the protest a bit better. And offers some advice how to see what really is the issue and who should be working together and who are not doing that, yet.

The real focus of the protest revealed and understood

Many people resist change. Change is always scary. This is why sometimes beaten women stay with their violent men. This is what they know. Many Honest Loyal seem to think being a 'little' cheating should be accepted as part of the game. The new world Occupy favours might be worse. Thus the Honest Loyal dislike the protest and on top of that they are being fed prejudiced news.
The protest is also being harassed by the Corrupted Loyal, who defend the system, often with arbitrary means. They think they have to protect the system against all attacks. Police intimidation, Prejudiced media and all forms of extreme Loyalism seem to side with the Honest Loyal, but the Corrupted Loyal are as far away from it as the protesters in a different direction. This is what the Honest Loyal often don’t get. Because the Corrupted Loyal seem part of the same system as they. Countless movies of heroes committing mass murder for good have made sure of that.

There’s also always a lot of citizens who seem to think, 'our government is a corrupt, but it is ours and someone must take the decisions'.  Well sadly, the Corrupted Loyal are often being played by the Corrupt Disloyal. They are being bought, they are being played. And the Honest Loyal often don’t seem to understand that the Protesters are aware of this. That is why the Protesters or Honest Disloyal are so angry. They see the corruption better, because they understand that everyone has a choice. They choose to be Honest and see others being Dishonest. The Honest Loyal often think everyone but real Gangsters are Honest and that Honesty is, or should be the same as, Loyalty. They forget that being Disloyal to the system, may be still a way to help the system to become better. Think about Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. They protested the Status Quo, definitely for the better!
At the same time many Protesters often think the Honest Loyal are part of the corruption too, because they protect things as they are. They are not! They are the people the Protesters are also fighting for. How to solve this?

Tips on How to fight Corruption and improve the system.
The Honest Loyal should aim to protect Stability and Honesty and dare to admit that not everything is alright, because the whole system they so proudly protect includes the protesters. So stability is served when they are curious and willing to find out how to (re)integrate the protesters within the system.

The Honest Disloyal should target Corruption and those parts of the system that threaten Stability and Honesty. Then they can work together with the Honest Loyal. They both want a stable and trustworthy Honest System, with Honest People.

The Corrupt Loyal are seen by the Honest Disloyal as agents of Corruption, while they too want to protect the System. The Corrupt Loyal should strengthen their Loyalty by serving Honesty. They should put aside Prejudice and Corruption in order to strengthen the system within the Law and with Honesty. Thus they can win the trust of many Honest people, by upholding the Law towards the Corrupt Disloyal, who are the real crooks in the System. And those that are corrupt in the sense that they receive money to turn the blind eye to Corruption and Crime, or are being paid to misrepresent events in their media? They are Corrupted Disloyal.
When these three sides take on the Disloyal Corrupt together they can win. With their victory they can create the space and trust for an open dialogue. Then they can reflect what can stay as it is, and what might be improved upon. This is how South Africa beat Apartheid. This is How the Berlin Wall fell. This is How Occupy and Loyal Citizens can help Capitalism to revitalize into a Healthy Green and Honest Economical Model for everyone.

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